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Lesson 3. Framing Your Thinking > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 13

Framing Your Thinking 13 Suppose in the previous memo example that the sample and coupon program required $6 million more spending than has been budgeted. The Acme brand manager would likely need to add more financial detail based on the test market results and the sampling payout model in order to justify the additional spending. The manager would likely outline the incremental spending and volume projections in a How It Works section, and compare Acme revenue and profit based on implementing the sampling plan vs. not. In addition, the brand manager would need to ask for approval not only for the sample and coupon expansion, but also for the incremental funding associated with it. A framework helps guide your thinking before you begin writing, and guides the reader through the completed document. This makes it easier to do your job of determining what information to include and where to include it, and makes it easier for the reader to find and understand the information you've provided. The 30-Second Recap · Using the standard memo framework helps clarify your thinking before you start to write. · Using the standard memo framework enables your audience to stop reading the document once it has enough information to agree or approve your recommendation. · You can use the standard memo framework as a starting point to evaluate your logic and strengthen your argument, then tailor the final document format as appropriate for your purpose.