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Effective Business Writing Matters alternatives for secretaries' word processing needs can be found in other ways. As employees, we object to using powerful computers for this purpose. Regardless of what may be planned for the secretaries' computers, we believe that these computers would meet our requirements and would be convenient to our sales force. Our sales force would be able to quickly add the programs needed to the new computers. Our budgets would accommodate the switch-over, too. We would be able to maintain the sales force data collection needs. It would be very much appreciated if a decision on this issue were forthcoming at the earliest possible date. If there are any further questions or comments, please don't hesitate to call me. 3 Memo B To: Division President From: Division Manager Subject: Proposal to Improve Division's Data Collection Capabilities This recommends replacing the computers of 23 company secretaries with networked terminals, in order to give the freed-up CPUs to the Division Sales Force to improve their data collection capabilities. The MIS personnel concur with this recommendation. The MIS Department agrees that the corporate network is capable of meeting all secretarial computing needs, eliminating the need for separate CPUs for each secretary. The approved sales force reorganization will require approximately $200,000 in computing equipment. How- ever, most of this need could be filled by the CPUs now used by the company's secretaries, saving the company over $150,000. With your approval of the plan, I will work with the MIS department manager to implement the change and develop the appropriate training for the secretaries.