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Effective Business Writing Matters 2 Effective Writing Is a Leadership Tool Poorly written documents can cloud issues and distract people's thinking. If you as the writer don't clearly articulate a point of view, the reader will have a hard time not only sorting through what's being said, but also under standing the issue in the way you'd like for him to. Plain English Leadership is having a vision for what you'd like to happen, and setting in motion the events that will realize your vision. It doesn't mean you must necessarily command the forces that execute the plan--merely that you guide the thinking that eventually causes the plan to be executed. A poorly written document is one in which the thinking is hard to follow, the point is hard to find, or the writing has mistakes or other flaws that distract and detract from the main mes- sage. Well-written documents clarify issues, assist people's thinking, and ultimately build consensus. When you're able to focus the reader's thinking on the key issues, and concisely lay out why your point of view is a valid one, you've assumed a leadership role. In addition, you've created the frame- work for how the issue will be discussed. A well-written document is one in which the main message is clear and compelling and the writing itself--the style, grammar, and logic flow--doesn't distract the reader from the point being made. Tip Plain English Plain English