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Lesson 1. Effective Business Writing Matters - Pg. 1

1 Chapter 1. Effective Business Writing Matters In this lesson you learn how to overcome the fear of writing, how effective writing serves as a lead- ership tool, and how clear thinking is the foundation of effective writing. Write Without Fear For many professionals, the thought of writing a business document generates anxiety and pro- crastination. If you are among these people, you're not alone. Becoming anxious or procrastinating at the thought of expressing yourself in a permanent medium is quite natural, for several reasons. First, you may not have the confidence to write well because when you were in school, the impor- tance of expressing ideas often got lost in the pursuit of proper grammar or style requirements. Remember the English teacher who asked you to write a five-paragraph essay with five sentences in each paragraph? Or the college professor who asked you for a 15-page paper? Although these objectives served a purpose, they did little to distinguish the importance of the thinking behind the