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Chapter 14. Avoid the Grammar Minefield > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 67

Avoid the Grammar Minefield His idea was unique. 67 Consensus Never use general to describe "consensus." "General consensus" is a redundant phrase. A con- sensus is, by definition, general. The consensus was to retain the agency for another year. Note Keep at least one writing reference in your desk or on your bookshelf to use when you're writing. Knowing where to look up the rules is as important as knowing the rules. The 30-Second Recap · Always proof your writing for correct spelling, word usage, and grammar after using the spelling- and grammar-checking functions in word processing software. · Don't begin a sentence with the pronoun "it," because there is no subject for "it" to modify. · Be aware of the most commonly misused words and phrases so that you may use them correctly.