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Chapter 14. Avoid the Grammar Minefield > Pay Attention to Spelling - Pg. 65

Avoid the Grammar Minefield 65 Professor McCann probably had no idea that this student would remember the "it" lecture and be tortured by the word for 15 years now (and counting). Sadly, I see "it" beginning a sentence in almost everything I read: the newspaper, business documents, even novels. You may choose to torment me by starting sentences with it. But do so cautiously. Try to find a clearer sentence structure. This reader, and yours, will thank you for doing so. Incorrect It appears that we will meet both sales and profit numbers this year. Correct We will meet both sales and profit numbers this year. We will likely meet both sales and profit numbers this year. Incorrect It is not essential to the plan's success. Correct The plan will be successful with or without the flyer. Pay Attention to Spelling As business writers, we are fortunate to have the spelling tool in word processing software. The spelling tool will tell you if you have misspelled words, and will sometimes tell you if you have used a word inappropriately. But the tool is not a perfect one. Consider the following examples. The spelling tool reads each sentence below as correct.