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Chapter 14. Avoid the Grammar Minefield > Commonly Misused Words and Phrases - Pg. 66

Avoid the Grammar Minefield The program cost will be allocated among the five participating brands. The issue is between sales and marketing, and does not involve other departments. 66 Ensure and Insure Ensure means "to make certain." Insure means "to protect against loss." We need to ensure the program's success. We will insure the company against any liability associated with the summer promotion. Farther and Further The word farther is used to describe physical distances. The word further is used to describe con- ceptual progress. San Francisco is farther than Kansas City. Further analysis is needed to understand the issues. Fewer and Less The word fewer refers to the number of people or things involved. The word less refers to the degree involved. In business writing, fewer words are better. The project required less effort than we expected.