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Chapter 14. Avoid the Grammar Minefield > Use Proper Sentence Structure - Pg. 63

Avoid the Grammar Minefield 63 Semicolons Use semicolons to separate word series that contain other punctuation and to join related inde- pendent clauses not joined by a conjunction. Word series The board of directors includes Virginia Coleman, Voila Cosmetics President; Alice Burns, GW Transport Chief Financial Officer; and David Michael, BFS Vice President of Sales. Joined independent clauses The tax attorneys reviewed all possible deductions; only three were legal. The last example could also be written with a conjunction: The tax attorneys reviewed all possible deductions, but only three were legal. Use the comma and conjunction if the tone is casual or the clauses are short. Use the semicolon if the tone is formal or the clauses are long. Plain English An independent clause is a group of words that can stand alone as a complete sentence. Colons Use colons to introduce a list or a quote, or a related thought to an independent clause. List