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Lesson 8. Add Information as Needed > The 30-Second Recap - Pg. 36

Add Information as Needed 36 Each of these additions to the "standard" structure--exhibits or appendixes, or sections that de- scribe how the plan works, risks associated with the plan, or other considerations--can be used to include important information in your document without interrupting its flow. As you write your memo, begin with the basic structure, but keep these possibilities in mind if you find that the organization of your memo is becoming cumbersome or hard to follow. The 30-Second Recap · If you have information that needs to be included in your document, but it doesn't fit easily into the background, recommendation, or rationale, you may include an additional section after the rationale. · You may also add a section after the rationale to present information that would disrupt the logical flow of your document if you included it elsewhere. · Standard kinds of additional sections are How the Plan Works, in the case of complicated plans; Risks, in cases of significant or unusual risks inherent in the plan; and Other Considerations, when you've considered but rejected alternatives to the plan you're proposing.