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Lesson 8. Add Information as Needed > The Other Considerations Section - Pg. 34

Add Information as Needed 34 You're recommending that your company implement the fast-roasting procedure for all its coffee brands. However, you recognize that this plan carries unusual risk. Because fast-roasting expands the beans, your containers will contain fewer coffee beans and consequently weigh less. If your competition or an outside party, such as a consumer advocate, publicizes that your container, al- though it is the same size as your competitors', contains less coffee (by weight), consumers may react negatively. You should address this in a risks section, immediately following the rationale. As in the preceding example, in the case of significant or unusual risk you should ... · · · · Clearly state what the risk is. Describe efforts you've made to quantify the risk. Describe what steps you've taken to mitigate the impact if the risk actually occurs. Provide the worst-case scenario, if possible, and how that compares to the best case or most likely one. Risks Coffee manufacturers are required by law to print the weight of the contents on the front of the container. If we implement this plan, our standard size can will state "13 oz.," whereas competitors' identically sized cans will read "16 oz." Depending on how this difference is handled by the media, our competitors, and our own public relations department, the disparity in weight could be perceived by consumers as an attempt to take "too much" profit, since the plan does not include a price reduction. We view this risk as acceptable, and recommend proceeding with the plan as proposed, for the following reasons: · The company has already converted "High Ground" brand coffee, the division's lowest-share brand, to fast- roasting. In the six months of national distribution, we have received only seven questions about the re- duced weight on the company 1-800-number consumer hot line. Each of these consumers was satisfied with the explanation given him on the hot line, and has continued to use the product.