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Lesson 8. Add Information as Needed > The Risks Section - Pg. 33

Add Information as Needed 33 How the Plan Works Following is the marketing plan currently being tested: Advertising Copy The purpose of our advertising copy is to maximize awareness of the new Brand X by communicating that it is (a) a revolutionary, breakthrough technology, and (b) significantly different than the old Brand X. We will expand nationally with the executions currently in test market (storyboards are attached as Exhibit 1). Test market research confirms these executions are strong, with "related recall" scores double those of old Brand X (40 percent versus 22 percent), and with 60 percent awareness of the key selling message. Media The objective of the media plan is to create awareness and maximize comprehension of Brand X's product news among the physically active target consumer (people aged 13 to 34). The strategy to meet this aware- ness/comprehension objective during the introductory months will be to (a) spend most of our advertising dollars in the first three months of the introductory period; (b) use 45-second commercials to fully communicate how Brand X works; and (c) spend the majority of our budget (70 percent) on the introductory-oriented exe- cution. This replicates the plan tested. Promotion The objective of the Brand X promotion plan is to maximize trial by leveraging the Brand X technology strength among consumers. To accomplish this, we plan to execute the three introductory events used in test market. The first event (30 percent household sampling via in-store single-brand delivery) is proven to be key to initial Brand X purchase. Specifically, households that received in-store samples had significantly higher purchase and intent-to-purchase levels than households that did not receive samples (see Exhibit 2 for complete re- search results). Note A storyboard is a collection of sketches similar to panels in a cartoon strip, used by adver-