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Lesson 8. Add Information as Needed > The Other Considerations Section - Pg. 35

Add Information as Needed 35 Writing the Other Considerations Section Suppose you're the new vice president of sales for a company with four major automotive accessory product lines and four key distribution channels--hardware stores, auto parts stores, auto repair shops, and discount retailers (such as Wal-Mart and Target). Until now, each sales representative had a territory, and could choose whether or not to call on any type of distributor within his area, and choose which of the product lines to sell. You're recommending a major restructuring of the sales force along distribution channel lines. This restructuring means that each sales rep will be responsible for all four product lines, but will call on only one type of distributor within his territory. In your Rationale section, you've stated that this reorganization will improve coverage of important distribution outlets, make training new sales reps easier and more effective, and enable sales man- agement to more effectively monitor and manage their sales reps' performance. You considered reorganizing the sales force along product lines, with each sales rep carrying only one product line and calling on all types of distributors in his territory, but chose not to recommend that option. You might then write an Other Considerations section like the one that follows. Other Considerations An alternative to reorganizing along distribution channels is to reorganize along product lines. Since sales reps would be calling on all types of distributors, each representative could have a much smaller territory than under the recommended plan, saving on travel time and expense. In addition, each rep could become more expert on the single product line he carried, facilitating his ability to answer customer questions about the products he carries. However, we believe these advantages are more than offset by the following: · The different-distribution-channel customers have vastly different needs and expectations. Many of the skills required to sell to one type of distributor do not necessarily transfer to others. On the other hand, the