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Chapter 25. You've Got Mail! > - Pg. 285

You've Got Mail! 285 E-mail can be a little scary because it's relatively new. But e-mail is actually a lot easier to use than you think. As with other forms of everyday writing, once you've learned the ropes, you'll find that e- mail is easy, effective, and enjoyable. Did you know that ... · About one third of all Americans send messages over the Internet. ( 1999 World Almanac ) · E-mail is currently the most popular and widely used resource on the Internet. ( 1999 World Almanac) · Americans now send 2.2 billion e-mail messages a day, compared with 292 million pieces of first-class mail. ( U.S. News and World Report ) · Traffic on the Internet doubles every 100 days. (UUNET, Internet backbone) · Around the world, about 100 million people use the Internet. ( 1999 World Almanac ) · The number of e-mail participants increases by 15 percent a month. · It is estimated that by the year 2005, about one billion people will be connected to the Internet. That's a lot of e-mail! ( 1999 World Almanac ) Radio existed nearly 40 years before 50 million people tuned in. It took television 13 years to reach 50 million viewers. It took 16 years before 50 million people used personal computers. But it took only four years for 50 million people to use the Internet. Word Watch