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Chapter 25. You've Got Mail! > Johnny B Good: “Netiquette” - Pg. 292

You've Got Mail! 292 Write Angles If you disagree with someone publicly online, be tactful. If you're really annoyed, send a private corre- spondence through a traditional letter. 4. Since it's easy to copy practically anyone on your e-mail, people often send unnecessary e- mail. Before you copy people on your messages, ask yourself whether they really need to know. If the answer is no, don't waste their time. If the answer is maybe, think twice before you hit the "send" key. Watch e-breviations.In a quest to make e-mail even quicker, a whole crop of e-breviations-- some already common IRL (in real life)--have sprung up. How many of these have you seen? E-Mail Abbreviation afaik afk atm b Meaning as far as I know away from keyboard at the moment be