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Chapter 25. You've Got Mail! > - Pg. 287

You've Got Mail! 287 Writer's Block Avoid cute or silly e-mail addresses. Not only are they un-professional, but they also invite so-called cyber- stalkers to target you. There are creeps in cyberspace, too. To send or receive e-mail, you need an address of your own and your recipient's address. You establish your e-mail address when you sign on with an Internet Service Provider. You can get your recipient's e-mail address by asking the person for it or by looking in an e-mail phone book. There are many different ones available. E-Mail Addresses of the Rich and Famous (Addison-Wesley, 1997), for example, lists media darlings, the world's movers and shakers, and people we wouldn't throw out of bed for eating crackers. The Password Is Swordfish You'll need a password to access your e-mail account. Think of something clever and obscure, but also easy for you to remember. Your password should NEVER be the same as your e-mail address. Neither should it be anything easy to research, such as your maiden name. Hackers are wise to