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Chapter 12. You Got Some 'Splaining to D... > Alike and Different: Comparison and ... - Pg. 137

You Got Some 'Splaining to Do, Lucy: Exposition 137 Write Angles Each classification system will vary, depending on the person creating it. When you're writing a classify-divide essay, any system is valid, as long as it is logical, sensible, and instructive. Division is also called "analysis." A Whale of a Tale There is a great deal of confusion over what the 40 different species that belong to the family Delphinidae are called. For example, is a small cetacean a "dolphin" or a "porpoise"? Some people distinguish a dolphin as a cetacean having a snout or beak, while a porpoise usually refers to one with a smoothly rounded forehead. The larger members of this porpoise and dolphin family are called "whales," but they nonetheless fit the same characteristics as their smaller relatives. The number of different names for these creatures reflects the confusion of long-ago sailors as they tried to classify them. Unfortunately, identifying them in their home in the sea is not easy, for the main differences between members of the species is in their skeleton structure. The size of the bottlenose dolphin varies considerably from place to place. The largest on record are a 12.7-foot male from the Netherlands and a 10.6-foot female from the Bay of Biscay. The