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Chapter 12. You Got Some 'Splaining to D... > Neat and Tidy: Classify-Divide - Pg. 136

You Got Some 'Splaining to Do, Lucy: Exposition 136 usually have been sold to pay the rent had to be slaughtered, because there was nothing to fatten it on. No pig or cow meant no rent. No rent meant eviction. As a result, homelessness and disease followed on the heels of hunger. Almost a million Irish people died as a result of the potato blight. Another million moved to the United States. Now, let's turn to another type of exposition, the classify-divide method of organization. Neat and Tidy: Classify-Divide Question:What do the following sentences have in common? · · · · · In California, it is illegal to set a mouse trap without a hunting license. It is illegal to use a lasso to catch a fish in Tennessee. If a man is wearing a striped suit, you cannot throw a knife at him in Natoma, Kansas. Unless you have a doctor's note, it is illegal to buy ice cream after 6 P.M. in Newark, New Jersey. In Minnesota, it is illegal to tease skunks. Answer:They are all laws. Or, they are all very strange laws. If you realized this, you have the basic strategy for classify-divide essays. Writer's Block