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Chapter 16. Writing Across the Curriculu... > Two's Company, Three's a Crowd— Unle... - Pg. 185

Writing Across the Curriculum 9. 185 Make the time to build group cohesion and loyalty. Group members will work harder and better if they're united and feel invested in the project. 10. Have one group member proofread the entire document for errors in spelling, grammar, me- chanics, and usage. Author! Author! Close to 90 percent of all business executives write in teams at least some of the time. About half of those surveyed found collaborative writing productive. Since half of the executives did not find group writing worth the time or trouble, you can tell that collaborative writing isn't everyone's cup of tea. However, when it comes to writing many kinds of documents across the curriculum, you may have to share your toys. The Least You Need to Know · Every area of study has its own way of looking at the world, but some writers blur the boundaries between curriculum areas. · All subjects overlap to some degree. · To write successfully across the curriculum, you should establish trust, know your stuff, be logical, use