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Chapter 16. Writing Across the Curriculu... > Two's Company, Three's a Crowd— Unle... - Pg. 184

Writing Across the Curriculum 184 Point/Counterpoint Writing in groups has its advantages and disadvantages. Here are the two sides in a nutshell: Pro: Con: Pro: Con: Many hands make light work. Too many cooks spoil the broth. Two heads are better than one. A camel was a horse designed by a committee. As these clichés show, some people think collaborative writing is the greatest thing since sliced bread; others consider it in the same class as spiders, sky-diving, and snarling dogs. Even if you're a member of the latter group, remember that even the finest writers can benefit from some judicious editing. Group writing can also help relieve some of the tension you may have about writing, since it takes part of the burden from your shoulders by spreading the task. Writing with a partner or in a group also helps you ... · · · · · Consider the issue from different sides. Appeal to a wider audience. Complete the task more quickly. Pick up writing tips from others. Experiment with different styles. Write Angles