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Chapter 16. Writing Across the Curriculu... > Different Strokes for Different Folk... - Pg. 178

Writing Across the Curriculum 178 Author! Author! Concern for audience (and propriety) reached absurd heights during the Victorian era, when the author of Lady Gough's Book of Etiquette advised Victorians with a home library to avoid placing books by married male authors next to those by female authors, and vice versa. Border Disputes Further, many types of writing blur the boundaries between curriculum areas. Henry David Thoreau's classic guide to good living, Walden , could be considered social science, humanities, and botany. The following excerpt might fall into all these categories and economics, too. How would you classify the passage? But to be more particular, for it is complained that Mr. Coleman has reported chiefly the expen- sive experiments of gentlemen farmers, my outgoes were, For a hoe Ploughing, harrowing, and furrowing Beans for seed Potatoes Peas Turnip seed White line for crow fence Horse cultivator and boy three hours Horse and cart to get crop In all $0 54 7 50 Too much. 3 12 1 / 2 1 33 0 40 0 06 0 02 1 00 0 75 $14 72 1 / 2 Thoreau follows this balance sheet with a list of his income and a calculation of his profit. It's plain that the four types of writing--exposition, narration, argumentation, and description--still apply to writing across the curriculum. See? Writing across the curriculum isn't anything very new from what you've already learned. In addition, it's often a matter of format and vocabulary that shapes writing across the curriculum, not a different kind of writing. Let's look at techniques you can use as you write across the curriculum, starting with establishing a bond with your audience. One Size Doesn't Fit All! As you've learned, each subject area has its own specific writing style and slant; however, all sub- jects overlap to some degree. The following table shows some of the similarities and differences among the various curricula. Alike Has set purpose Aimed at a specific audience Different Follows rules of subject area May follow specific format