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Chapter 8. Write This Way > Brain Freeze - Pg. 92

Write This Way 92 You don't have to fly solo here, so get someone to help. Select readers whose opinions you value and tell them exactly what you want them to look for in your document. For example, if you're seeking feedback on a first draft, you'll most likely want comments about organization and tone. By the second draft, however, you'll probably be looking for feedback on style rather than content. Try not to be defensive. If the feedback is negative, don't take it personally (even if it was intended that way). The Proof's in the Pudding--and the Writing: Proofreading You wouldn't leave the house without glancing in the mirror and patting that stray strand of hair in place. In the same way, you'd never turn in a piece of writing that hadn't been carefully proofread. Writer's Block Even if you're pressed for time, never skip the proofreading stage in the writing process. When you proofread your writing, look for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and usage. We're creatures of habit, so we're most likely to make the same writing mistakes over and over. For in-