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Chapter 8. Write This Way > Narrowing Your Topic - Pg. 85

Write This Way 85 Write Angles Keeping a journal also helps you get into the habit of writing. Remember that writing, like any other skill, improves with practice. 4. 5. Freewrite.Some writers favor a technique called "freewriting," in which they write nonstop for several minutes. To get the most from this method, don't censor your thoughts or stop to correct writing errors. No revisions, edits, or cross-outs, either. After your allotted writing time, stop and read what you've written. Take the best ideas and move on. If necessary, repeat the process until you have enough to go with for your specific writing task. Brainstorm.A type of free-association, "brainstorming" means listing all the ideas that come to mind on a specific subject. To get the best results, let your mind relax as you write down your ideas. Brainstorming works equally well when you have to come up with your own topic and when you already have a topic and want to consider what elements to include. Narrowing Your Topic Once you have a general subject, you may have to narrow it to fit your audience and purpose. In