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2 Chapter 1. Why Writing Matters In This Chapter · The advantages of writing over speech · A writing quiz · The importance of writing well · Sumerian writing systems · The development of the alphabet · Writing as a symbolic method of communication We live in a world of words. Without doubt, words are the lifeblood of all modern societies. And English is becoming the international language of technology, science, diplomacy, and business. About 350 million people speak and write English as their native language. An additional 350 million people speak and write English as their second language. More than half the world's books are published in English. About 80 percent of the world's computer text is in English. Therefore, knowing how to express yourself in clear, concise, and correct written English is a key factor for success in the twenty-first century. Writing with confidence and skill allows you to communicate your feelings, ideas, hopes, and fears. In this chapter, you'll explore why writing is so important, no matter who you are or what you do.