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Chapter 4. Words, Words, Words > And the Commoners - Pg. 35

Words, Words, Words Word 9. 10. sap treachery Meaning tree juice treason 35 These words may be ugly, but they're also useful. If one of these babies is the word you need to convey your exact meaning, feel free to use it. The fact that people stay up nights debating these issues shows the hold that words have on us. Words are the building blocks of effective written communication. The words you select can make --or break--your writing. Author! Author! Ghost words are words that never existed until someone mistook an error for a word. For example, dord (meaning density) began life as an error made in transcribing a card that read: " D or d, meaning a capital D or a small d --for 'density.'" The word appeared in the 1934 edition of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary , but it was eliminated from future editions.