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Chapter 4. Words, Words, Words > Formal and Informal English - Pg. 43

Words, Words, Words 43 English has two levels of word use: formal and informal. Formal English does not use contractions, such as can't and I'll. Formal English has more difficult words and longer sentences, too. As a result, formal English is used in academic writing such as legal papers, scholarly compositions, and college essays. Write Angles Writers often use informal dialogue in personal narratives, because it makes the dialogue sound real. Learn more about personal narratives in Chapter 13, "Tell Me a Story: Narration." Informal English uses contractions, simpler words, and shorter sentences. Informal English is used in casual situations such as conversations with friends, newspaper stories, magazine articles, and informal letters. Informal English includes slang, the very informal language of a particular group. "What a snow job" and "He burned me again" are both examples of slang. Culture Club I present these examples for your consideration: