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Chapter 1. Why Writing Matters > Captain of Your Fate - Pg. 4

Why Writing Matters · · · · · · More information has been produced in the last 50 years than in the previous 5,000 years. Currently, there are more than 100 million volumes in the Library of Congress. Fifty thousand books are published in the United States every year. Ten thousand magazines are currently published in the United States every year. Seven thousand scientific studies are written daily worldwide. Today, the amount of writing produced doubles every five years. 4 Captain of Your Fate A mastery of writing is essential for anyone who wants to play an important role in society. Writing allows you to communicate with others efficiently, hold a responsible position, and earn a good salary. Companies want employees who can write clear memos and letters; telecommuters, free- lancers, and other lone eagles must be able to sell their services in writing. Writing helps you ... · Get it right.Putting down your thoughts on paper helps you say what you want the way you want. Because writing lets you think more carefully before you communicate, you can convey complex information in more detail. Writing has another great advantage over speech: It can be revised. Because you can go over and over your written words before you pass them on, you can polish your prose until it shines. This helps you say exactly what you mean. Clear writing helps you avoid miscommunication, because your words are down on paper rather than floating through the air where they can be misheard. Write Angles