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Chapter 1. Why Writing Matters > Captain of Your Fate - Pg. 5

Why Writing Matters Prose is any writing that is not poetry, such as letters, memos, biographies, autobiographies, e-mail, short stories, plays, and novels. 5 · Get a good job.Writing is one of the key skills for getting--and keeping--the plum jobs. That's because employers want people who can write, since they because people who can write help sell products, bring in clients, create goodwill, and make points clearly. Author! Author! There are more than 9,000 individual spoken languages--but fewer than 15 writing systems have been developed individually and independently. New languages continue to be discovered in remote corners of the globe. Another 1,000 languages, such as ancient Egyptian, are known but no longer used. Today, the most widely spoken language is Chinese, used by more than one billion people. However, since Chinese has several dialects, we may be fudging to call it one language. The Mandarin dialect is used by more than 500 million Chinese and will probably become even more widespread now that it is taught in schools in China. · Save time.Less than 5 percent of our reading time is spent moving our eyes across the page; the rest of the time is spent trying to understand what we're reading. Inarticulate, confusing