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Chapter 14. Why Not See It My Way?: Pers... > How's That Again? Logical Fallacies - Pg. 163

Why Not See It My Way?: Persuasion and Argumentation 163 Author! Author! "Wellknown" information is another form a bogus claim can take. Be wary of sources that tell you that "Every- body knows that ..." or "It is a wellknown fact that ..." · · · · · · · · · · Card stacking.Ignoring evidence on the other side of the issue. Either-or fallacy.Offering only two choices when other valid ones exist. False analogies.Misleading comparisons. Guilt by association.Attacking a person's beliefs because of the person's associations. Jumping on the bandwagon.Suggesting that something is right because everyone else does it. Hasty generalization.Generalizing from inadequate evidence, such as stereotyping. Irrelevant argument.A conclusion that does not relate to the premise. Loaded terms.Slanted or biased terms, especially those with strong connotations. Misrepresentation.Outright lies or other deliberate misrepresentation. Oversimplifying the issue.Twisting the truth by presenting too narrow a range of possibilities.