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Chapter 2. The Write Way > Four Play - Pg. 17

The Write Way 17 Word Watch Free verse is poetry without a regular rhythm and rhyme. Free verse closely attempts to mirror the cadence of everyday speech. Chapter 15, "Picture This: Description," has more information on this topic. Color My World "Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body." --Richard Steele, essayist Reading is essential to writing. As you read examples of different kinds of writing, you begin to recognize the predictable patterns as well as possibilities for innovation. This is education, not imi- tation. Working with a specific genre or type of writing doesn't mean that your writing will be a word version of "connect-the-dots" or "paint-by-numbers." Each type of writing follows a broad set of reader expectations, but working within the framework will actually allow you to be more creative rather than less so. That's because once you know where the lines are, you'll be free to color inside them or outside them, depending on your audience, purpose, and tone. These considerations are covered in Chapter 3, "Pack the Essentials."