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Chapter 2. The Write Way > Cop an Attitude - Pg. 14

The Write Way 14 Write Angles School is a good place to learn to write, but it's far from the only place. You can also learn to write on the job, at home, and through community service. Reality: Writers aren't hermits. As the famous writer Truman Capote advised: "My point to young writers is to socialize. Don't just go up to a pine cabin all alone and brood. You reach that stage soon enough anyway." Myth: Writing is a magical process. Reality: Rubbish. Writing is the hardest job you can do that doesn't involve heavy lifting, but there's nothing magical about it. Myth: Writing cannot be done to order. Reality: You can learn to write when you need to, even if you're not feeling especially inspired. That's because writing is a skill, not a mystical form of divine inspiration. You can produce the document you need when you need it, with a little bit of training and practice. (Hey, that's why you bought this book.) Cop an Attitude Attitude is everything, especially when it comes to writing. With that in mind, let's take a closer look at your attitude toward writing. When you have to sit down and write, are you terrified or merely nervous? Would you describe yourself as untaught or traumatized? Are you convinced that writing is somewhere between an IRS tax audit and root canal--that is, excruciatingly painful and horribly unfair? Answer each of the following questions to analyze your attitude toward writing. And don't worry; even if your eleventh-grade English teacher did a number on your head ("What is this thing you call a paper? Come to my office and we'll burn it ..."), you can still be a fine writer. 1. What are your most memorable writing experiences (good as well as not-so-good)? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What specific teachers come to mind when you think about your experiences as a writer? What makes you remember those teachers? What specific details do you recall about them? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What was your most successful writing? What made it a hit? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ What was your most disastrous writing? Which writing gave you the most trouble? Why? ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 2. 3. 4.