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Chapter 2. The Write Way > Trick or Treat - Pg. 12

The Write Way 12 Finally, you'll learn about the four kinds of writing: exposition, narration, argumentation, and de- scription. Trick or Treat Writing, unlike many other important life skills, has become shrouded in mystery. It's not uncommon to find people who think writers have secret handshakes, mystical amulets, and odd habits. (Okay, so maybe I'll give you the odd habits, but wouldn't you eat Chunky Monkey with pastrami and mus- tard if you could get away with it?) Here are just a few of these writing-related these myths: Myth: Writing is only for transmitting information. Write Angles Writing is as much process as product. As a result, people often write to discover what they want to say. The process of writing can be an act of discovery, which means that you can start out not knowing where you're going and get there just fine.