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Chapter 2. The Write Way > Model Behavior - Pg. 16

The Write Way Experts estimate that an astonishing 80 to 90 percent of the information we need comes from what we read. One sure way to become a better writer is to read more. Any type of reading will do: fiction, nonfiction, or drama. Try to read at least one hour a night. 16 Think back, way back. How did you learn to ride a bike, throw a ball, and cook a meal? How did you learn to talk? To swim? To get that hole in one? You copied someone else, and then you practiced, practiced, and practiced some more. The same process works just as brilliantly when it comes to learning how to write well. By studying the world's finest writers and then trying your hand at copying their style, you'll learn how to develop your own style. Here's what else this method can teach you: · · · · · · · · · · · Which words work--and which ones don't How to make your sentences graceful The basic rules of grammar Where those itty-bitty punctuation marks go Spelling rules Various ways to organize your paragraphs Ways to achieve the correct tone How to arrange your material logically Methods for linking ideas Ways to use figures of speech The importance of details