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Chapter 24. The Professional Edge: Writi... > Onward and Upward: Resumés and Cover... - Pg. 279

The Professional Edge: Writing on the Job 3. 279 4. 5. Present the negative news. Don't over-stress the downside, but be very clear. You don't want your reader to miss your message. If that happens, you'll just have to deliver the bad news all over again. Present an alternative or compromise, if one is possible. End with a positive statement. Word Watch A buffer is a neutral or positive statement that allows you to soften a negative message. Buffer statements can provide good news, state a fact, provide the order of events, refer to enclosures in the letter, thank the reader for something he or she has done, or state a general principle. Naturally, whatever method you select will suit your audience and purpose and directly relate to the contents of the letter. The following is a model bad-news letter.