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Chapter 24. The Professional Edge: Writi... > Appearance Is Reality - Pg. 275

The Professional Edge: Writing on the Job 275 Write Angles Pick one letter style--the block style, the modified block style, or the semiblock style--and stick with it. You're less likely to make mistakes if you're consistent. Which format should you use for letters you write on the job? The block format is becoming more popular with business communication, while the semiblock format is more commonly used for per- sonal letters or letters that don't carry a company letterhead. In general, match your letter style to the company's letter style. Block Head Here are the guidelines for the block style. Vary them as previously explained if you wish to use the modified block or semiblock style instead. Date Inside address Month (spelled out), day (followed by a comma), year. The recipient's address. Place two lines after the date.