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Chapter 24. The Professional Edge: Writi... > Onward and Upward: Resumés and Cover... - Pg. 281

The Professional Edge: Writing on the Job 281 Writer's Block Questions about your age, marital status, race, sex, and health are illegal. If you include any of this information, large companies will delete it from your resumé so they cannot be accused of discriminating. Include height information only if the job has a minimum height requirement. An effective cover letter and resumé aren't like sweat pants: One size doesn't fit all. A successful cover letter and resumé are tailored to suit the employer's needs and your qualifications as closely as possible. For that reason, savvy people have several different versions of their resumé, depend- ing on the specific job for which they are applying. There are two basic types of resumés, the work history resumé and the functional (skills) resumé. Here's each type of resumé in detail: Work History Resumé The work history resumé summarizes your accomplishments in reverse chronological order (starting with the most recent accomplishments and working backward). It stresses academic degrees, job titles, and dates. Use a work history resumé when ...