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Chapter 24. The Professional Edge: Writi... > Have I Got News for You! - Pg. 278

The Professional Edge: Writing on the Job 4. 5. Present any negative elements as positively as you can. End on a positive note. 278 The following is a model good-news letter. When the News Is Bad You should live and be well, but into each life a little trouble always comes. And when it does, you'll probably have to be the one to write the letter about it. Bad-news letters deliver the lousy news and help readers accept it. They also build a good image of the writer and his or her organization. To be effective, bad-news letters leave readers feeling that the decision was reasonable and that even if they were in the writer's position, they would make the same decision. Bad-news letters accomplish this by using the following pattern: 1. 2. Open with a buffer, a statement that allows you to soften the negative message to come. Give reasons for the action.