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Chapter 27. Spelling Ace > Spelling Demons - Pg. 318

Spelling Ace 318 Spelling Demons How do you spell any one of the denizens of the deep, such as a flounder, bass, trout, sturgeon, carp, or even the lowly gold? This is a snap, you're thinking. It's "f-i-s-h." Not so fast, friend. Did you know that fish can also be spelled ghotti? Here's how. Take the ... gh as in tough; o as in women; ti as in action ... and you get "f-i-s-h" (or ghotti , as it's also spelled) Word Watch The spelling of a word as it appears within parentheses in a dictionary is called its phonetic spelling. In the phonetic alphabet, letters and symbols represent the sound of the word as you say it. Unfortunately, some words just refuse to be spelled the way they sound or look. These are often called "spelling demons," no doubt reflecting the trouble that generations of spellers have had with them. In these instances, you're working without a net. There are no rules to lead you through this thicket. With unphonetic words, only spelling techniques like memorization, visualization, and study techniques can help you spell the words correctly. The following study procedure can help you learn how to spell difficult words, such as unphonetic ones. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Pronounce the word. Use it in a sentence. Visualize the word, syllable by syllable. Say the letters in order. Close your eyes and spell the word. Check your answer. Write the word. Check your answer. Write the word several times. Here are my favorite 125 most difficult words to spell. Feel free to add your own personal favorites. 125 Toughest Spelling Demons abbreviate absence acquire adjacent balloon bigamy Britain abhor abundant across bachelor banal bizarre broccoli abscess achievement address badminton banana bourgeois bruise