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Chapter 27. Spelling Ace > How's That Again?: Pronunciation - Pg. 316

Spelling Ace 316 Author! Author! The Marquis of Queensberry made his way to the Albemarle Club, where he left his card, upon which he had written: "To Oscar Wilde posing as a somodmite"--a misspelling which was to become famous. The porter, with wise discretion, put the card in an envelope. As the porter handed the card over to Wilde, he calmly assured the recipient he had not understood what it meant. How's That Again?: Pronunciation Then we have words whose spellings get mangled because they're mispronounced. You may drop letters, add unnecessary letters, or simply mispronounce a word and so spell it the way you hear it --the wrong way. Pronouncing a word correctly is an easy way to learn to spell it correctly. Here are 24 words often misspelled because they're mispronounced: · grievous · disastrous · calisthenics · characteristic · Wednesday · asked