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Chapter 27. Spelling Ace > Crowd Control: Plurals - Pg. 315

Spelling Ace Contraction it's (it is) you're (you are) they're (they are) who's (who is) Possessive Pronoun its your their whose 315 Since possessives are important in writing, go back over this section several times, Gentle Reader. Make sure you've got these rules down cold. Why? A misused apostrophe is a real sore thumb in an otherwise fine passage. Crowd Control: Plurals Pluralnouns name more than one person, place, or thing. There are regular plurals and irregular ones. The regular plurals rarely result in spelling errors, but irregular plurals are nasty creatures indeed. Follow these guidelines to form the plural of nouns: 1. Most regular plurals are formed by adding s to the end of the word. Examples: clown, clowns Add es if the noun ends in s, sh, ch, or x. Examples: circus, circuses, dish, dishes, church, churches, box, boxes If the noun ends in o preceded by a consonant , the noun can take es, s , or either s or es . 2. Examples: echo, echoes, piano, pianos Irregular nouns don't follow this rule (or any rule, for that matter). Some change their spelling