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Chapter 27. Spelling Ace > Silent but Deadly: Silent Letters - Pg. 317

Spelling Ace 317 Many words contain silent letters, such as the k and w in know or the b in dumb. What do you want first, the good news or the bad news? Here's the bad news: The easiest way to learn these words is to commit them to memory. Want the good news? See the bad news. Each of the following words contains a silent letter. Since the letter is seen but not heard, you must be extra careful to include it when you spell the word. 1. Silent b:The silent b is small but deadly. Here are some of the most common words in which the b hides: · plumber · redoubtable · thumb · doubt · crumb · dumb · debt · undoubtedly · subpoena · subtle 2. Silent c:The silent c can be even harder to find than the silent b because it doesn't tend to stick out as much. Here are some words that contain the silent c . · scissors · fascinate · muscle · acquire · scent · acquaint 3. Silent g:This one is sneaky. How many of these words pose problems for you? · diaphragm · design · gnarled · align 4. Silent h: Rhyme and rhythm are very often misspelled because of their silent h; only the bold