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Chapter 27. Spelling Ace > Spelling Rules! - Pg. 312

Spelling Ace Word greedy pony + + + Suffix ly es = = = New Word greedily ponies 312 3. If the letter before the final y is a vowel, don't change the y before adding the suffix. (Exceptions: laid, paid, said, daily.) Word destroy play + + + Suffix ed ed = = = New Word destroyed played 4. How about some double trouble? Why is the r in defer doubled when - ed is added, but the r is differ is not ( differed )? Why is the n in plan doubled ( planning ) when -ing is added, but the n in burn isn't (burning)? Here are some rules about doubling final consonants when a suffix is added. In a one-syllable word, double the final consonant before a suffix beginning with a vowel. Word plan big stop + + + + Suffix er est ed = = = = New Word planner biggest stopped 5. 6. Don't double the final consonant if it comes after two vowels or another consonant. For ex- ample: failed, stooped, warmer, lasting . Don't double the final consonant if the accent shifts back to the first syllable, as in reference, preference, and conference.