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Chapter 6. Sentence Sense > Sentence Style - Pg. 60

Sentence Sense 60 Sentence Style Sparkling sentences have style. In Chapter 3, "Pack the Essentials," you were introduced to the elements of style, including word choice, punctuation, and sentence length and variety. To create the sentence style that suits your topic, purpose, and audience, you must ... · · · · · · · Emphasize the main point. Be concise. Link related ideas. Use the active voice. Eliminate expletive constructions. Maintain parallel structure. Vary sentences. This section tells you how to do it. It's What's Up Front That Counts First impressions count in writing as well as in life, so put the most important information first in a sentence. This not only makes it easier for readers to find your point, but also creates a pattern that people can follow. The following sentences all contain the same information, but notice how the meaning changes based on the information that's placed first: · Our survey revealed that 44 percent of all Americans reuse aluminum foil. ("Survey" is the sub-