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Chapter 6. Sentence Sense > Sorry Sentences - Pg. 68

Sentence Sense 68 Writer's Block Don't forget to add a comma before a coordinating conjunction. For example: Why is lemon juice mostly artificial ingredients, but dishwashing liquid contains real lemons? Answers 1. Hated should be heated. 2. Hussy should be Husky. 3. Smacks should be snacks. 4. Aunts should be ants. 5. Dames should be danes. This type of sentence error is easily fixed with some close proofreading. This is covered in detail in Chapter 11, "Personal Best: Revising and Editing." The Least You Need to Know · Emphasize the main point, be concise, and link related ideas. · Use the active voice, eliminate expletive constructions, and maintain parallel structure.