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Chapter 6. Sentence Sense > Sentence Style - Pg. 61

Sentence Sense 61 Lean, Mean, Writing Machine You know how annoyed you get when you have to wade through waves of words to get to the point. All readers feel the same way. Wordy writing forces readers to clear away clutter before they can understand your message. This makes them impatient, if not downright cranky. To see what I mean, look at the following examples: Wordy: Better: If love is visually impaired, why do ladies' lacy undergarments continue to remain so well-liked at this point in time? If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular? Write simply and directly. Be ruthless: Chop redundant words and phrases and combine sentences that repeat information. Start by replacing the following phrases with their concise counterparts. Do this every time you write, and your readers will be grateful. Wordy honest truth past experience revert back foreign imports partial stop, complete stop free gift live and breathe null and void most unique Pithy truth experience revert imports stop gift live null (or void) unique