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Chapter 6. Sentence Sense > Superb Sentences - Pg. 59

Sentence Sense Dialogue is often written in incomplete sentences because that's the way people speak. Dialogue written in complete sentences can come out sounding artificial and stilted. 59 1. Effective sentences are clear. This sentence isn't clear: Eye drops off shelf. Does this mean that an eye fell off a shelf or that eye drops are no longer being sold in the store? Here's a clear revision: The eye drops have been taken off the shelf. Author! Author! What's the longest sentence on record? A book called Gates of Paradise by George Andrezeyevski (Panther, 1957) has no punctuation, so it might technically be called one long sentence. But I give Sylvester Hassell the nod for his 3,153-word sentence in History of the Church of God (circa 1884). Marcel Proust came close in Cities of the Plain , but his sentence contains only 958 words. Don't try this at home, kids. 2. Effective sentences are complete.