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Chapter 18. Seek and Ye Shall Find > Researching on the I-Way - Pg. 207

Seek and Ye Shall Find 207 Writer's Block Be sure the index you're searching lists the kind of sources you want. For example, you wouldn't find a lot of stuff on stock funds in the Humanities Index . Don't be tricked into thinking the library doesn't have any material on your topic when it's just in a different index. · ATLA Religion Database covers religion. · VU/TEXT is a newspaper database. · WILSONSEARCH is an online information system containing the Wilson databases not on CD- ROM, such as the Education Index and the Index to Legal Periodicals . While more and more libraries are replacing their print indexes with online and CD-ROM sources, many libraries still maintain their print indexes, so you'll have to check both sources. In addition, the CD-ROM or online databases may not reach back far enough to include the sources you need, especially if you're doing historical research. Therefore, you're probably going to have to use both print and online indexes.