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Chapter 18. Seek and Ye Shall Find > Mags and Rags - Pg. 205

Seek and Ye Shall Find 205 Write Angles Other reference sources include archival materials (rare books, charts, etc.), atlases, audio-visual mate- rials, government documents, indexes, interviews, book reviews, TV shows, surveys, and yearbooks. · Books in Print.This annual listing of books currently in print or slated for print can tell you if a book is still being issued by the publisher. If so, the library can order a copy of the book or you can buy one yourself at a book store. If not, well ... let's not go there. · Encyclopedias.There are general encyclopedias ( World Book, Britannica, Colliers, Funk and Wagnalls) as well as technical ones. Both types can give you a reliable overview of your subject and topic. · Guide to Reference Books .Published by the American Library Association, this useful guide has five main categories: general reference works; humanities; social and behavioral sciences; history and area studies; and science, technology, and medicine. Writer's Block