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Chapter 18. Seek and Ye Shall Find > Researching on the I-Way - Pg. 209

Seek and Ye Shall Find 209 Click on any of these categories and you get loads of subcategories. Most provide links to current news programs and online chat rooms, too. Since not all search engines lead to the same sources, you should use more than one. Bookmarks or hot lists (accompanying each search engine) help you mark sources to which you want to return. Writer's Block Beware:The Web is addictive, like potato chips. You start a search, find interesting sites, and suddenly three hours have passed. So be sure to set aside ample time to search and roam through cyberspace. URLs If you already have the address for a Web site, the URL (Uniform Resource Locator), you can type it in. URLs are made of long strings of letters. For example, here is the address for the World Wide Web Virtual Library subject catalogue: