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Chapter 18. Seek and Ye Shall Find > Book Learning - Pg. 203

Seek and Ye Shall Find 300­399 400­499 500­599 600­699 700­799 800­899 900­999 Social sciences (including folklore, legends, government, manners, vocations) Language (including dictionaries and grammar books) Pure science (mathematics, astronomy, chemistry, nature study) Technology (applied science, aviation, building, engineering, homemaking) Arts (photography, drawing, painting, music, sports) Literature (plays, poetry) History (ancient, modern, geography, travel) 203 Each category is further divided. For example, 500­599 covers "pure" science, including mathe- matics. The math books are shelved from 510­519; geometry is listed under 513. There are finer and finer categories. Dewey's system works so well that today it's used by most elementary schools, high schools, and small public libraries. Library of Congress Classification System The Library of Congress Classification system, in contrast, was designed for just one library--you guessed it, the Library of Congress. Since the Library of Congress system allows for finer distinctions than the Dewey system, it's been adopted by nearly all large college and university libraries. Here's how it works. Write Angles