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Part: 6 Picture Perfect > Term Paper #3 - Pg. 349

Sample Term Papers 349 Although surprising to some, what may come to the forefront of life extension research is Cynthia Kenyon and her UCSF nematodes. The scientists there have been tinkering with the DAF-2 gene and have been able to get the worms to go into the Dauer phase without being first deprived of food. This indicates that perhaps in the future, we will be able to manipulate the human insulin receptor to slow respiration to the point of significant life extension without changing our diet very much ( Man Immortal). There will undoubtedly be more caloric-restriction experiments on human subjects in the future, but no matter what the means, with scientists learning more every day about how basic life processes work and how to change them, plus the tremendous advances in medicine both recently and soon to come, the future of the human race might live to see more birthdays than its ancestors ever dreamed of. Works Cited Bibliography Brian Manning Delaney,. "Calorie Restriction FAQ." Calorie Restriction for the Purpose of Retarding Aging. 30 March 1998. <> (23 May 1998).